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We will be closing at 4:30pm daily, with the exception of Monday. We are closed on Saturdays through August. 


JULY 2024

Monday, July 15th @6pm: Trivia Night for Adults

Wednesday July 17th@9:30am: Coffee Corner

Monday, July 22nd@5:30-7:30pm: Ceramics Glazing-All Ages Welcome!! There is a cost depending on what you choose to paint. 

Wednesday, July 24th@ 9:30am: Coffee Corner

Thursday, July 25th all day: LEGO day. Come in all day and use your imagination to build something!!!

Monday, July 29th@6:30am: Ellen Mason will be here to discuss a book she wrote called "No Space for Love". She is an author that grew up here in Ruthven. 

Wednesday, July 31st@9:30am: Coffee Corner


All Month is "Poem for a Pickle"!! Stop in and see what you need to do for a pickle! 

Thursday, August 1st@9:30am: Morning Book Club discussing " The Library Book"

Monday, August 5th@6pm: Evening Book Club discussing "The Authenticity Project" 

Monday, August 5th @6pm: Library Board Meeting in the Social Center

Wednesday, August 7th @9:30am: Coffee Corner

Wednesday, August 7th@10am: Speaker Denise Bean from the State Library for the Deaf and Blind will be speaking for Coffee Corner

Thursday, August 8th @ 5-7pm: Get together on Gowrie

Monday, August 12th: Turn in Summer Reading Logs for kids and adults. 

Monday, August 12th @ 6pm: Trivia Night for Adults

Wednesday, August 14th @ 9:30am: Coffee Corner

Thursday, August 15th: Stuffed Animal Sleepover. We will need stuffed animals you'd like to participate in this here no later than 4:30pm. You can pick them up on Friday. 

Friday, August 16th:Summer Reading Drawings for kids and adults

Monday, August 19th @ 6:30pm: Mark Anderson will be speaking on the history of Palo Alto County. He is from the Sanford Museum in Cherokee, Iowa.

Wednesday, August 21st @ 9:30am: Coffee Corner

Friday, August 23rd @9am: Parents can stop in for a cookie and coffee to celebrate kids going back to school. 

Wednesday, August 28th @ 9:30am: Coffee Corner

Wednesday, August 28th @ 2:45pm: Early Out Egg Carton Animals