2020-09-28 13:06:04

On Halloween, we will announce the winners of our Fall Decoration Contest!

Decorate your businesses and/or home to win up to $100 cash!  $100 for 1st Place, $50 for Second Place and $25 for 3rd Place.

Who can participate?  Everyone!  The Ruthven Public Library and Lost Island Ruthven Betterment Association (LIRBA) who are co-sponsoring this event encourage Ruthven and Lost Island Lake businesses and residents to participate.

Where can you decorate?  In front of your business or home!  If you live in the country, feel free to find a vacant spot on Gowrie Street to decorate!  Note, you would just need to be sure and remove the decorations by November 8th so they don’t interfere with city snow removal.

When?  Register before October 16th (Registration forms are available at the library and can be completed and put in the library drop box or taken inside.  If you aren’t able to get a registration form then just write your name and address on a piece of paper.)

Judges?  All residents of the Ruthven and Lost Island Lake area are eligible to vote.

When can you vote?  October 19th – 23rd ­čí║ Stop by the library to get the list of registered businesses and homes and then drop off your votes at the library drop box – just include the name of the business and address of the home that you like best.  Vote for 1 business and 1 home.

Winners will be announced October 31st in front of the library at 4:30 pm.

Please note: the Ruthven Public Library and LIRBA are not responsible for any damages, injuries or losses incurred as a result of this contest.